September 11, 2012

Denmark: Prioritaire A, NEW!

So here are the new Prioritaire A labels I'm been talking about. I know what you are thinking - they look just like the old ones! Since my scanner is not that great at showing the difference, let me explain.

The labels come on a sheet of 18, just like the label design that came out in 2011. The blue color of the labels are darker and the letters are another shade of white. The label material is also different. The new labels also have a very shiny surface.

I find it quite curious that we have got new labels here in Denmark. That normally doesn't happen and also so soon after we just got updated labels in 2011.

These labels are called: J 80 (07/12) J 80 is the label name for Prioritaire A and 07/12 is the date they where published.

Year: 2012, Self-adhesive.

my image

September 7, 2012

New labels

So I recently updated saying my label collection was on hold, but I was at the post office today and I noticed we have got new labels here in Denmark again! That was pretty fast as we only just got new labels last year. I will update with more information and scans tomorrow :)

July 6, 2012

Hi Everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating! My labels collection is kind of on hold right now :) Too busy with school and I just haven't had the interest lately, but it wouldn't surprise me if it picked up in a couple of months.

January 10, 2012

Denmark: Labels from stamp booklets

New labels from Denmark. The did release Prioritaire labels in mini form (I didn't think they would) These just came out in January in a stamp booklet called 'Nordia 2012 8kr'.
I'm not sure why the where released in this booklet as the stamps are only 8kr and the cost for sending a letter outside of Denmark is 12kr.

Year: 2012, Self-adhesive.

October 26, 2011

Denmark: Labels from stamp booklets

Recently some Economique B labels was released in a stamp booklet called 'vintereventyr'. The stamp value is only for letters sent in Denmark, so I don't think they will release any Prioritaire A as they are not used for letters inside Denmark, only on international ones.

Year: 2011, Self-adhesive.

September 14, 2011

Switzerland: Airmail labels

Big labels from Switzerland. They come in strips of 5 labels.

Year: 2011, Gummed.*

*I'm pretty sure the design have been printed before and is not new. The thing I have noticed about Switzerland labels is that when they print a new batch of the same labels they get a new year instead of the year the design first came out.

September 1, 2011

Germany: New Labels

Germany recently got new labels. I got some of them in the mail today. They come from a roll.

Year: 2011?, Self-adhesive.